Cuban experts exchange with their foreign counterparts concerning the pandemic

Cuban experts exchange with their foreign counterparts concerning the pandemic

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As part of Cuba’s international cooperation actions to help relieve COVID-19, a videoconference was held from the Cuban Main Medical Cooperation Unit, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuban FM, said Friday.

In Twitter, the foreign minister explained that specialists and authorities from Guyana, Gambia and Lesotho exchanged with experts from the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) in Havana.

A recent statement by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out that the scope of the current crisis makes it necessary to cooperate and practice solidarity, even while recognizing political differences; the virus does not respect borders or ideologies, it threatens the life of everyone and it is everyone’s responsibility to confront it.

So far, Cuba has sent 21 health professional brigades to join the national and local efforts of 20 countries, in addition to or reinforcing the medical collaboration brigades in 60 nations, which have added to the effort to combat this disease where they were already providing services.

The Caribbean nation has also shared medicines produced by the island with proven efficacy in the prevention or treatment of the disease. In addition, local medical personnel have participated from Cuba and via teleconferences in consultations and discussions on specific treatments for patients or particular groups of patients in several countries. (Taken from Cuban News Agency)


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