From the Cuban Workers to the Bolivarian Venezuelan Brothers

From the Cuban Workers to the Bolivarian Venezuelan Brothers

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CTC_LOGOOnce more the Government of the brother Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is seriously threatened now, by an Executive Order of the President of the United States who incredibly classifies the South American country as a danger for the security of that nation.

Such disposition is an absurd in a moderate balanced analysis, and it gets worst if we take into consideration that just a bit more than a year, in Celac’s summit in Havana, the Governments of Latin America and the Caribbean declared the region as peace zone and rejected all actions that would attempt against it, because they have enough experiences of   imperial interventions in their history.

As we can obviously suppose, the solidarity with the government and people from Venezuela, organizations and peoples worldwide, and hundreds of personalities from all the spheres of the international society, who had expressed their worries in front of the brutal plans that the US government is orchestrating. The actions of all would hamper the materialization of those threats!

The Cuban generations for centuries that had fought for freedom, independence and sovereignty are not alien of these threats and we are not afraid of the arbitrary and aggressive actions for decades by the US administrations. We have enough reasons to trust in unity of the workers and the Venezuelan people. We trust in their capacity once more, to defend themselves and keep the conquests of their Bolivarian and Chavist Revolution, in front of the new attempts of the imperialism to terrify, subvert internal order and defeat the legitimate Government of the constitutional President Nicolas Maduro.

Dear brothers and sister from Venezuela, receive the solidarity and unconditional support of all the Cubans, convinced that, like in other complex and painful circumstances, we will share with you these heroic and extraordinary activities of Homeland and Dignity that Venezuela will continue deciding the political future in the framework of the Bolivarian Constitution as it was taught by the Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez and that the Venezuelan people will win as it has won so many battles.

National Secretariat of the Cuban Workers Federation


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