Working Hard Will Only Help

Working Hard Will Only Help

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Foto: César A. Rodríguez
Photo: César A. Rodríguez

After a year of a very discrete growth in economy, and bellow planning, the analysis in the ordinary session of the Cuban Parliament focused the attention on the increase of a bit more of the 4 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) foreseen for 2015.

Several things show this goal is not only necessary and tense, but also possible, in this purpose to start with a more constant pace to have an economic take off that will place us in the so long course of prosperous and sustainable socialism.

The fact to have with enough advance of better finance insurance compared to the beginnings of 2014, including resources which are already in the hands of some important enterprises, it gives opportunity that is indispensible achieve with more organization and systematic work.

Another important aspect is the support with energetic bearers for all increase or level of activity in the economical planning.

The step forward in investments, whose projection almost reaches the limit of the building capacity of the country, giving priority to the production branch and the infrastructure, is also backed by the guarantee of material supplies, as it was explained by the vice president of the Council of Ministers, Marino Murillo.

The increase in the commerce circulation, mainly in the wholesale that should grow in 55 percent, will be a dynamic element for a superior performance in the enterprises and cooperatives while stopping the lack of supplies that characterized the domestic market in 2014.

It will be fundamental better discipline in the enterprise system, with better exploitation of the possibilities we have with the gradual decentralization of responsibilities and the granting of autonomy to take productive decisions on the base, including new finance relations with the State’s Budget that will permit greater solvency and fund dispositions.

The six measure indicators are clear to evaluate the performance of an entity and the limits in their maneuvers by incentives and payments for their results, which should never damage the commitment of the call expenses of salary by added gross value. If we say it in another way: just in those places where they generate more wealth, workers would be able to earn higher incomes.

Because, paying higher salaries without the corresponding productive support, as President Raul Castro said, “we have to consider it as a serious indiscipline, very serious and it should be firmly faced by the leaders of the administration and also the union.”

There will also be a firm policy to stop the phenomenon of those enterprises having losses, diversion of the economic resources and there will be important the role of the union in its exigency with the administrations, as guarantee of the interests not only of each working staff and for the welfare of the Cuban society.


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