Life: The Eternal School

Life: The Eternal School

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Foto: Agustín Borrego
Foto: Agustín Borrego

Yasel Toledo Garnache

There are moments when you look back, smile or put your hands on your head. You think back. Images of what you lived come as a white and black film. Then nostalgia comes.

Thousands of Cuban young people, who have attended school for years, do not get into a classroom anymore but into a workplace. They have already graduated and they are now professionals. They get into a new world of challenges and responsibilities.

We are living a period of transformations and great questions. Cuba not only updates in economy but in other branches too. We are living in a more complex world every day. Physical complications join the virtual one. It gives us a greater commitment with the present, with the history of Cuba, with our grandparents, parents and professors, and above all with ourselves, our moral of revolutionary people and capable. It is a great responsibility with future.

In the first day as worker you are really nervous. It is a cocktail of ambition, curiosity and a lot of shock you will never forget. Everything seems to be supreme and nothing is a game. Sometimes you pretend to be even-tempered, always serious or smiling with timid greeting with just a bow to the veterans whom you see as partners or bosses, but, above all, as teachers.

That is why, if you receive in your office, the factory, the enterprise recently graduated young people remember that, even without wanting it, you will turn into the model to imitate, either for good or bad. Better place the bar pretty high. Receive them, invite them to drink coffee. Or just tell them they can count on you. They will appreciate that although they do not say it. Explain them what they do wrong and why. It is not the matter to tell them what they do wrong but show them a better way, or at least take the obstacles away. Give them encouraging pats on the shoulder or congratulate them when they deserve it.

Fortunately, some did so in my first day of work and I appreciate it.

Those who start working hardly write another chapter of an unfinished book. It perhaps be better not to close the doors of the university completely, save learning and pranks as relics. Anyhow, life is an eternal school, full of obstacles and needs of a classroom.

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