Germany: Activists Climb Highest Peak in Favor to the Cuban Five

Germany: Activists Climb Highest Peak in Favor to the Cuban Five

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A group of German and Austrian activists climbed the Zugspitze Peak (2,950 meters height) on September 12, the date the Cuban Five commemorated 15 years of imprisonment in the United States. In difficult conditions with 5 grades under zero and a strong blizzard they showed a banner demanding the immediate release of the antiterrorist fighters. The activity was organized by the Netzwerk Cuba, a coordinator of the solidarity groups with Cuba in Germany.

Right on the peak, the activists managed to communicate by phone with Rene Gonzalez, Hero of the Cuban Republic who on May this year returned to Cuba, after he resigned from his American citizenship to inform him on the success of the activity in solidarity gesture with the international campaign carried from since September 5 to October 6 this year. Rene was informed that in response to a call he made days ago, to put yellow ribbons all over Cuba to express the whole country is waiting for the return of four of his sons, the climbers wore yellow ribbons and they placed them on Zugspitze peak.

The entire activity was broadcasted by Internet and Facebook alive in pages designed for this purpose, having a great repercussion among followers. In this page, more than 200 people had publicly showed their solidarity gesture, among them, Jean Ziegler from Switzerland former Special envoy to the United Nations.

“The activity was a full success, because be were able to sensitize a great quantity of people for a political legal case that despite being unique and serious, it almost has no media publication,” Tobias Kriele said, one of the authors of this activity. “We hope that in September 2014, in the 16 anniversary of their imprisonment, it will not be necessary a climb like this. Nevertheless, we will do it as many times until the Cuban Five are set free.”

This activity as many others before could be carried out thanks to the support by the Net of Universities in solidarity with the Cuban Five.

On the web page there are photos and videos of the activity. In youtube, they are in
On September 12, there were manifestations in the cities of Hamburg, Frankfort, Düsseldorf and Bonn, on September 14 there was an activity in Berlin. We consider the activity had a great success. It was a shot of life for the solidarity movement with the Cuban Five in Germany.


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