Cuban Civil Defense checks on fulfillment of Covid-19 measures

Cuban Civil Defense checks on fulfillment of Covid-19 measures

The Chief of Staff of the Cuban Civil Defense is checking key sites in the island to check whether they are fulfilling the rigorous measures in place to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19.
According to Lt. Colonel Gloria Gelis Martinez, head of the National Civil Defense Disaster Reduction department, these inspections are part of the Cuban package of measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic which is affecting most of the countries.

At midday on Saturday, Cuba has 21 imported Covid-19 cases, two of them in serious conditions, another 716 are still in hospital in quarantine for having been in contact with those 21 but so far are asymptomatic. The Ministry of Health reported 28,139 are under strict surveillance by the system of primary health attention (family doctors) for showing respiratory symptoms, some of them returned home from abroad. None of them is sick.

Lt. Colonel Gelis told the media that a Command Post has been set up as part of the Temporary Task Force to assist local, provincial and national authorities to implement the measures.

Civil Defense is carrying out -she mentioned- a program of visits to key economic and social objectives, among them Havana’s International Jose Marti Airport.

The officer highlighted the mission has the goal of protecting people and State resources, based on four phases: prevention, readiness, answer and recovery. This is the first time Cuba faces a pandemic of this kind. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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