Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba intensifies preparation in Panama

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba intensifies preparation in Panama

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Students from Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) rehearsed on Saturday in Panama in order to compete in International Active Dance contest, after being the most outstanding academy with diplomas by the teachers of the event.
The youths directed by Alfonso were chosen among outstanding participants in workshops on ballet, contemporary dance, jazz and hip hop taught on Friday by Professors Juan Carlos Peñuela and Eduard Martinez, from Colombia; Gabriela Garcia, from Mexico; and Sebastian Linares, from Spain.

At the end of the workshops, each teacher selected the best students and the LADC youths stood out among the small elite who received a diploma of recognition for their outstanding participation.

More than 250 children and young people from Panama, Colombia and Cuba enriched their knowledge at these workshops, scheduled as a preamble to the competitive day of the 2019 International Active Dance contest.

These young Cubans will be among the participants in the contest in the morning, where they will show choreographies created by Alfonso, regisseurs Claudia Valdivia and Diana Fernandez, as well as Professors Indira Alvarez, Risel Mayor, Daira Maria Jay and Yohara Garcia.

Valdivia heads the delegation of Cuban dancers, and is assisted by Professor Idania La Villa, under the general direction of Lizt Alfonso.

Several institutions will grant scholarships during the 2019 International Active Dance contest, including the New York Dance Project, Joffrey Ballet School and the Julio Bocca Foundation.

Considered the most important dance competition in Panama, International Active Dance takes place at the Megapolis Convention Center, in this capital. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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