Diaz-Canel highlights ratification of the new Constitution

Diaz-Canel highlights ratification of the new Constitution

Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, highlighted in Twitter the victory of the Yes in the constitutional referendum that took place this Sunday in Cuba, as reported on Monday in Havana by the electoral authorities.

I feel immense pride in being part of our heroic, brave and firm people. Such a people always deserves victory. What a tremendous tribute to the fathers of the nation, to Martí, Fidel and Raúl. We won and we go for more. Viva #Cuba Libre,” tweeted the president.

#We are Cuba and we have a new Magna Carta. Endorsing it with 86.85 percent of the votes, #Cuba paid beautiful tribute to national history this February 24 with the #VotoYES. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL CUBANS, he added in another tweet.

Díaz-Canel also thanked Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, to whom he said he also sent congratulations to the heroic Venezuelan people who shatter every interferences, aggressive and media attempt by the perverse empire, its hawks and its lackeys.

This Sunday, after exercising his right to vote, the President told the press that the victory of the Yes was not only for Cuba, but also for Latin America and the Caribbean and in support of Venezuela, where reactionary forces from the continent supported by the United States are currently trying to carry out a coup d’état.

In a preliminary manner, the National Electoral Commission reported on Monday afternoon that with 6,816,169 votes in favor of YES, Cubans ratified the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, which represents 86.85 percent of support with respect to the total number of votes cast. (Taken from Cuban News Agency)

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