Chilean Gabriela Mistral’s Texts on José Martí at Havana Fair

Chilean Gabriela Mistral’s Texts on José Martí at Havana Fair

Chilean poet Jaime Quesada presented yesterday at the 27th Havana International Book Fair a compilation and study of Gabriela Mistral texts dedicated to Cuban Hero José Martí.
In opinion of the president of the Gabriela Mistral Foundation and director of the Poetry Workshop at the Pablo Neruda Foundation, this volume is very symbolic and literarily significant for Cuba, Chile and Latin America.

Quesada told exclusively Prensa Latina that the book addresses Mistral’s relationship with Martí’s thought, evident in her own vocational training.

The book collects not only poetic texts, but also prose writings by the Chilean writer that were scattered in different magazines, newspapers and other publications of the time.

According to Quesada, the volume gathers Mistral’s poetry related to Cuba and her texts about Martí, exposed in several lectures she gave in different countries.

Mistral had a Marti’s formation from an early age, began to admire Martí through ‘Versos Sencillos’ (Simple Verses) and studied his prose, especially ‘Nuestra Americas’ (Our America), seeking the Americanist ideology, he said. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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