Unity in the neighborhood

Unity in the neighborhood

Photo: Jose M. Correa/granma.cu
Photo: Jose M. Correa/granma.cu

Defense of the national identity, patriotism and anti-imperialism are the basic themes to be discussed by Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) leading up to the organization’s 9th Congress, scheduled this coming February 3.

National Coordinator Carlos Rafael Miranda Martínez emphasized that CDRs are ending a successful year, highlighting the increasing participation of youth, with 160 Youth Detachments involved in the ongoing battle of ideas, along with the Young Communists League.

Also significant was work done during elections for delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power, noting that the national leadership is preparing to promote greater participation of Cuban families in neighborhood meetings with those elected.

Miranda Martínez congratulated the Cuban people on the occasion of another anniversary of the Revolution, especially presidents of CDRs and zone coordinators, calling on them to “do things well every day, achieving unity among all revolutionaries in the neighborhood to continue building the socialism Fidel bequeathed to us.” (Taken from en.granma.cu)

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