Fidel Castro’s Teachings Highlighted in the United States

Fidel Castro’s Teachings Highlighted in the United States

The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, has always granted great importance to unity, Latin American diplomats and activists highlighted in the United States, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his death yesterday.

Faced with so many challenges, our peoples can only succeed if they are united, otherwise we are defeated, the Bolivian ambassador at the Organization of American States (OAS), Diego Pary, told Prensa Latina.

We should have that warning by Fidel Castro very present every day, as it is also necessary to review his ideas, teachings, ability to build the future, he said.

He recalled that the revolutionary leader, who was born on August 13, 1926, predicted the future, because ‘he went there and then told us know how to act.’ According to Pary, Fidel has been a symbol, an example of life and great solidarity, a true companion of the poor and the needy of all times.

For our compatriots, Latin Americans and citizens of the world, Fidel Castro is a model to follow, said the diplomat, who also highlighted the relationship between the Commander-in-Chief and Bolivian President Evo Morales, ‘a great brother of his.’

Many countries were inspired in the defense of national decorum and sovereignty by the example of Fidel Castro, Nicaraguan Luis Alvarado, interim permanent representative at the OAS, said.

Fidel rescued the banner of Latin American unity against imperialism, and projected Cuba to the world with the practice of militant solidarity, he said.

According to Alvarado, the follower of the ideas of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti, left an immense legacy of brotherhood, care for the others, help for the needy and fight in favor of leaving underdevelopment behind.

According to Venezuelan Ambassador Carmen Velasquez, the chargé d’affaires before the OAS, Fidel Castro never lowered his head to problems; he always had a solution no matter how difficult they were.

Fidel was a man full of optimism in any context, and he also had the gift of persistence, which is very important for the development of personal life and in politics, she said.

The diplomat also praised the relationship between the outstanding Cuban statesman and the leader of the Venezuelan Revolution, Hugo Chávez, who passed away on March 5, 2013. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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