Control: Best Way to Fight Indiscipline and Illegality

Control: Best Way to Fight Indiscipline and Illegality

Foto: Agustín Borrego
Photo: Agustín Borrego

The triumphal socialism in Cuba needs an administration with control and transparency, to fight indiscipline, illegality and crime, said Gladys Bejerano Portela, top representative of the Finance Office of the Cuban Republic in the meeting with deputies, previous to the Parliament’s Second Ordinary Period of Sessions.

The official made a reflection on the persistent deficiencies, and said the issue is complex, with much dissatisfaction. Although she noted with determination that “together we will be able to have an atmosphere of order, discipline and exigency, so we can have good results.”

Her exposition helped update and promote opinions of the deputies with all the necessary information to work. She also referred to the missions, organization and perspectives of this organism since it was founded five years ago. Deputies said she gave a mastery exposition.

“We should educate the administration and all systems on the basis that controlling is part of the direction of the country, so we audit, not only to find out about the crime, but also to find efficiency,” Bejerano stressed. She noted they have had to break with projects and concepts looking forward a greater integrity in the assistance to the organisms and enterprises. This has strengthened the authority of the officials from the Finance Office and the relations with the ministries, as well as a quicker and more objective evaluation.

Bejerano also stressed the need to develop the prevention of risks and a control culture. She finally repeated President Raul Castro’s idea on the importance to have order, discipline and exigency.Esteban Lazo Hernandez, member of the Political Bureau and president of the Cuban Parliament highlighted the educative role placed by the Finance Office and that Bejerano’s report was conceptual, deep and practical with important aspects for the Parliament.

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