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Commitment with the Cuban Five from France

Representatives of the organization in solidarity with Cuba Sí France repeated their commitment with the cause for the freedom of the Cuban Five antiterrorist fighters to defend their people that are still held in the United States (U.S.).

In a meeting in the stand of this organization, in the area of the celebration of L’ Humanité newspaper, dozens of people welcomed the Cuban delegation headed by Rene Gonzalez, one of the Cuban Heroes already freed.

Charly Bouana, president of Cuba Sí France stressed they will continue and will deepen all their initiatives for the cause, among then the traditional meeting which is celebrated the last Friday every month at The Bastille Square.

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We Can’t Stop Fighting for the Cuban Five

Ramsey Clark, former district attorney of the United States (U.S.) during his address in the 10th International Colloquium in solidarity with the Cuban Five and against terrorism said each country has the right to defend itself from violent actions using any kind of method to fight itContinue Reading

Great Cuban Baseball?

The final of the 23rd National Baseball Series starts on Thursday, September 11, 2014, while the elite season will take place on September 21st at Capitan San Luis Stadium in Pinar del Rio province of CubaContinue Reading

September in Washington

Touch the United States’ power to get the release of Gerardo, Ramon and Tony is the main goal of this third international activity in solidarity with the Cuban FiveContinue Reading

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