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Only Together

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It is our turn today to correct distortions and to re-drive the economy, as announced in news and journalistic reports. Perhaps for some it is more of the same, but the truth is that transforming what has gone wrong and achieving the necessary prosperity is a national urgency. And it is not a matter of a few.

For this reason, the provisions established for this purpose are under discussion in the work groups.

Although many of the norms are concrete at the macro level, it would be fair that, in each work center, in the heat of the discussions, plans and routes to be followed are determined. There are many causes that have brought us to this point, but we can start by fixing what is individually wrong.

It is not unreasonable to start there, internally, to look for alternatives and then, later on, to aspire for the great change. For, although the international economic situation and the blockade by the United States Government are intensifying, there are errors of our own that can be wiped out so that what is written can be properly applied.

In Camagüey we are working to face the internal obstacles that delay us in our efforts to increase exports and the diversification of goods and services. In this sense, efforts are focused on recovering, for example, sugar production.

However, in the last five years these have not been fulfilled and although the lack of inputs, phytosanitary products and other elements have affected the process, organizational issues have also acted on the process.

Likewise, work is being done to promote the city’s green belt in order to increase production by expanding planting areas such as those dedicated to rice, citrus and other fruit crops in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas until the year 2025.

But the transformation is not so simple either.

First, we must achieve the necessary self-sufficiency, import substitution, decrease inflation and increase foreign exchange earnings, to name a few.

And to achieve this, everyone, from his or her workplace, can contribute to the increase of goods and services, support the fulfillment of plans and appeal to that resourcefulness that has always allowed us to stay afloat. To be prosperous is the task of some and of all.


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