National Assembly to focus on economy

National Assembly to focus on economy

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By Susana Lee

Foto: Oriol de la Cruz
Foto: Oriol de la Cruz


The economy’s 2015 performance and projections for the coming year, including the proposed state budget, will be the focus of analysis during the National Assembly of People’s Power upcoming Sixth Period of Ordinary Sessions, scheduled to open December 29.

Also on the agenda is the election of justices to the People’s Supreme Court.

Prior to the sessions, as is customary, deputies will meet in ten standing commissions to address different areas of responsibility.

Speaking with the press, Assembly Secretary Miriam Brito Sarroca reported that the commissions have included on their agendas several issues of common concern, on which they have been working throughout the year, such as the improvement of the People’s Power system, attention to the population’s proposals, dealing with delinquency and corruption, and other issues which emerged during the recent national audit of a enterprises and state budgeted entities.

Several commissions have organized joint meetings of some members to examine issues with an impact on multiple areas, such as calibration of weights and measures, the implementation of scientific advances, highway security, etc. (Taken from Granma)


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