Labiofam and Africa: Links for Human Development

Labiofam and Africa: Links for Human Development

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Labiofam Enterprise from Cuba and the Forum for Agriculture Development in Africa (FARA) signed an understanding memorandum to start working relations, as part of the activities in the International Congress Labiofam 2014 that was closed at the Conventional Palace in Havana.

Yemi Akinbamijo, executive director from FAA highlighted the development of the investigations and productions carried out by Labiofam in the sphere of agriculture and veterinarian medicine, from which they hope they will help the development of technologies that will contribute to the human, animal and environmental development.

In his fourth visit to Cuba, Akinbamijo said he knew of projects developed by Labiofam in Tanzania, where the first biotechnological plant for bio-products will be inaugurated, and it would be able to elaborate vaccines and drugs in case of emergency of the African countries, as it was informed by Doctor Jose Antonio Fraga, general director of the Cuban Enterprise.

He invited the executives of this enterprise to an important meeting to be held in Johannesburg in November to strengthen the collaboration links in the exchange of technology.

The executive director of FARA informed on the interchange he had with engineer Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, minister of Agriculture from Cuba, and of the round he made to some facilities from this branch in the country. He mainly highlighted the high performance in the farming of tomato in Matanzas province, which is four times more the one achieved by the African countries.

It is due to the lack of professionals and technologies, so the collaboration with Cuba is important to increase productions of food in the region.

He was also interested on the elaboration of bio-products; among them those with excellent results in vector control like mosquitoes and rodents, for the high incidence of malaria and dengue in FARA’s member countries.

On his part, Doctor Jose Antonio Fraga praised the links between Africa and Cuba and reminded the Cuban historical leader Fidel Castro’s concept of Revolution, in respect to the great debt humanity had with the African continent, specially the Cubans’ blood that had been shed in that region. He also reminded how many Africans were brought to the New World as slaves; something the human specimen feels shame for it.

All this forces us to be in solidarity with Africa to collaborate in those important projects that can be spread to reduce hunger and illnesses in a region damaged by poverty and underdevelopment, he said.

He explained the working goals of this Enterprise, not only those related to the production of vaccines, vet drugs and diagnose means, but also in the field of bio-products and complements for cancer therapies.
He criticized some countries that are using food like the corn and sunflower for combustible, when humanity is threatened by the reduction of food productions.

He proposed FARA’s representatives to be interested on the kindness of the vaccine produced by Labiofam to fight the Newcastle, a disease of the birds which is highly contagious which does not manifest in Cuba for 30 years.

Both directives assumed the importance of the collaboration mission between the two entities, while Fraga ratified the will to extend the jobs with African countries persue to strengthen projects and programs for the human development.


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