Unionists from Pinar del Rio Debate the Labor Law Bill

Unionists from Pinar del Rio Debate the Labor Law Bill

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Photo: Eduardo González Martínez.
Photo: Eduardo González Martínez.

Unionists from Modesto Gomez Rubio’s Policlinic in San Juan municipality, Pinar del Rio province debated in a meeting the main aspects of the Labor Law Bill. One of the most discussed topics of the document was related to the working hours, with very specific characteristics in this case, due to the specific conditions in the Health branch.

Jose Ramon Baños (nurse) talked about the difficulties in the fulfillment of the proposed working hours, because “in our case it sometimes exceeds the eight hours, among other things, due to the long distances that some of the workers have to travel from home to work and the transportation problems.”

The nurse suggested reviewing this paragraph of the Draft Law and the adaptation to the needs of the branch –it could be of six hours, like in other countries- to have an effective rest that will help the workers and favor to better services.

Jorge Luis Delgado, from the Human Resources Department, highlighted the benefits that could have the establishment of short time limits for the liberation of the worker from the job, if, he added, “we should take into consideration the needs of the institution”, in relation to the positions.

They also debated on the possibility of a pay rise and the unanimous opinion that there should be eliminated the sanction that implies affectation of the salary, because it also affects the worker’s family.”

As usual, during these debates, those attending the meeting referred to other relevant issues for the union movement, like the case of the extension of the limit age for retirement, which forecasts a deep debate of the Base Document of the XX Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC), a process that will soon start in Cuba.

Raul Pita, general secretary of the provincial Cuban Workers Federation attended the meeting which is one of the more than 2,000 held in this western province as well as other officials from the territory.


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