Cuban doctors to arrive in South Africa

Cuban doctors to arrive in South Africa

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The 24th specialized medical brigade of Cuba’s Henry Reeve internationalist contingent, will arrive in Pretoria on Sunday in response to a request from the South African government. Some 216 health professionals will arrive in South Africa at 23:59 hours, local time, to join the medical brigade (200 medical specialists) that is currently serving in this country, in order to reinforce actions here to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Reynaldo Denis de Armas, head of the Cuban medical brigade in South Africa, explained to Prensa Latina, the Henry Reeve medical brigade, after observing a 14-day quarantine, will be distributed across the nine provinces of the country, in accordance with the program agreed upon with South African authorities.

To date, according to latest official information from the South African Ministry of Health, the number of Covid-19 cases jumped to 4,361, while deaths totaled 86.

The Cuban Embassy in South Africa stated that the health brigade is made up of family doctors, epidemiologists, biostatitians, engineers in health technology and biotechnologists, among other experts.

They were carefully selected to guarantee great experience and knowledge to plan, implement and manage clinical cases, as well as the public health response. (Taken from Prensa Latina)


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