Haitian Gov’t thanks Cuba for assistance to fight Covid-19

Haitian Gov’t thanks Cuba for assistance to fight Covid-19

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The Haitian Government thanked Cuba on Wednesday for its assistance to fight the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, after eight Covid-19 cases were diagnosed in the country.
Haitian Health Minister Marie Greta Roy Clement lauded the solidarity of the Cuban Government and people, who once again is expressed against Covid-19, and asked to convey those sentiments of ‘deep gratitude’.

She recalled the ‘traditional solidarity’ and strong ties of friendship between Cuba and Haiti, which were strengthened during the cholera outbreak that killed 10,000 people, and later after Hurricane Matthew hit the country in 2016.

The minister pointed out that the Cuban experts provide their experience to improve the national health situation, and their contribution is fundamental in a country with a limited number of medical professionals.

On Wednesday, the Henry Reeve Brigade that will support Haitian physicians to fight Covid-19 was awarded its flag at the Cuban Embassy in Haiti.

So far, Haiti has reported eight positive Covid-19 cases, while some 150 people are in institutional or residential quarantine. (Taken from Prensa Latina)


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