United Nations Highlights Cuban Advances in the Attention of Senior Citizens

United Nations Highlights Cuban Advances in the Attention of Senior Citizens

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Cuba’s advances in the attention of senior citizens were highlighted on Thursday in New York during the Aging Forum sponsored by the Population Fund.

The Director of the Population and Development Studies, Juan Carlos Alfonso Fraga said that the care of the elderly population has become a priority for the aging population in Cuba, reported CubaMinrex website.

The representative said that almost 20 percent of the Cuban population are 60 years and over and by 2025 it should reach 25 percent making it necessary to continue intensifying multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial work.

Alfonso Fraga said that the quality of life of the people has increased considerably and this has provoked a life expectancy of almost 79 years while the infant mortality rate is four per one thousand live births.

The Cuban specialist said that the aging population constitutes a positive element and an opportunity and challenge to strengthen public policies directed to senior citizens.

He also spoke on the legal progress and its expression in the daily life, issues like social security, employment, pensions, health and protection in face of disaster risks.

The Cuban expert highlighted before international specialists from different countries participating in the forum organized by the UN, that these realities have been possible thanks to the Revolutionary Government’s firm commitment and the effort of the Cuban people in general. (Taken from Cuban News Agency)

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