Camagüey Exhibits a More than 500 years-old Culture

Camagüey Exhibits a More than 500 years-old Culture

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Traditions, legends and culture surround parks and squares of this eastern Cuban city that celebrates the 504th anniversary of the town, one of the first seven founded by the Spaniards in the island.
The more than 320,000 inhabitants of the city celebrate until February 7 the Cultural Week which reserved for today the cancellation of the Commemorative Seal for the birthday of the former Villa de Santa María del Puerto del Principe, in the Parque Ignacio Agramonte, located in the area declared by Unesco Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Also in that place was laid a wreath in the equestrian statue of the most famous patriot of Camagüey, Ignacio Agramonte, the protagonist of the national liberation heroics in the 19th century in this region; and to whom the film El Mayor is dedicated, a film to be screened in the town during this days.

The program of activities includes the 7th International Symposium ‘Challenges in the Management of Cities’, which on its second day reserves the keynotes of the vice president of the National Council of Cultural Heritage, Nilson Acosta.

While the minister adviser of the embassy of the Dominican Republic, Pedro Ureña, will make a review of the architecture of the capital of Cusco.

The scientific section of the meeting, programmed by the Network of Offices of the Historian and the Curator of the Patrimonial Cities of Cuba, reserves, in turn, issues about heritage and socio-cultural projects as dynamic agents of historic centers. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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