Cuba and Jamaica advocate for strengthening inter-parliamentary work in the Caribbean

Cuba and Jamaica advocate for strengthening inter-parliamentary work in the Caribbean

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Photo: Prensa Latina
Photo: Prensa Latina

The President of the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba, Esteban Lazo, meeting with the Honorable Thomas Tavares-Finson, president of the Senate of Jamaica, advocated for strengthening inter-parliamentary work in the Caribbean

We can carry out many activities together, we have closely followed political events in Cuba, and we share the commitment to unity with you, Tavares said on being received by Lazo in the Cuban Parliament.

Cuba and Jamaica can together lead the work between the different parliaments of the Caribbean, Tavares added.

Our history is extensive and profound, and we appreciate Cuba’s help in the health and education sectors, as well as in the training of human resources, Tavares noted, who was invited to visit the island by Cuban President Raúl Castro.

The Jamaican government is currently promoting the teaching of Spanish, and the goal is to convert this into the second most widely used language in the nation, the Jamaican politician explained, adding that this will contribute greatly to strengthening bilateral relations.

Tavares also stressed that Jamaica will continue to denounce the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for more than half a century.

Meanwhile, Esteban Lazo supported the idea of Caribbean parliamentarians working together, always aware of the importance of regional integration.

He noted that 230 Cuban collaborators are currently working in Jamaica; 603 young Jamaicans have graduated from Cuban universities, and another 42 are currently undertaking studies on the island.

The Cuban parliamentary leader thanked his counterpart for his position on the U.S. blockade, which violates international law and the right of nations to trade freely.

We will continue working to recover from the damages caused by Hurricane Irma last September, but at the same time, building a prosperous and sustainable socialism, Lazo stressed.

Cuba will continue its struggles for a more just, equitable world, and for the full dignity of every human being, assured the head of the Cuban Parliament. (Taken from

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