There Is No Economy without Energy

There Is No Economy without Energy

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Fermín Álvarez Viqueira

For 40 years, Fermin Alvarez from the Cuban province of Matanzas has two worlds, two existences which are so linked that it is really difficult that one could live without the other. He started as union leader since he started working in the Poly-technical High Institute Jose A. Echevarria, the same college that graduated him.

In his travels between the Cuban capital and the Matanzas, his native city, he understood how much responsibility has the exercise of representation from the union, an assignment he is also devoted in the Construction enterprise of the Electricity Industry, which guarantees the maintenance and the and operation of the 220, 000 volts net, the electricity service of the territory of Matanzas and the flow of energy from the eastern provinces to Havana City.

According to Alvarez, the fulfilment of this strategic social object could be in risk due to the stability in the qualified force the staff faces today, worries they will share with those participating in the First National Conference of the Mine and Energy Union, final sessions that will be held next March, just a year after the 20th Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) where he was a delegate for the second time.

“The main problem has to be with the way of payment applied so far which are little attractive. The present Resolution 17 needs to be carefully studied if they really want a good effect in service centers like this and we can see their kindness.

“Electricity Union has the responsibility to achieve an effective correspondence between wage and the individual contribution, without forgetting the complexity of each workplace, something that is far to please Matanzas, common reality compared to other provinces,” Alvarez said.

This and other unconformities, he said, needed to be well explained in the affiliate and workers assemblies, but above all, in the dialogue with them, the only possible way to have them understand that despite these problems, the purpose is to achieve greater efficiency.

In the Conference we have to devote an important space to the relevance of this branch in the economic development of Cuba. Without energy there is no economy. We must give all the Revolution demands from us. That should be the goal.”

The efficient union job of the Electricity Industry from Matanzas has been worth to deserve the condition of National Vanguard for seven times, the medal Jesus Menendez, the third Grade Order Lazaro Peña, two flags of Labor Heroic Deed and the Hallmark 70 Anniversary of the CTC.


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