People charged with evading isolation by Covid-19

People charged with evading isolation by Covid-19

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Six people who left isolation as suspected of suffering from Covid-19 in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spíritus, were arrested and instructed in charge, the Escambray newspaper reported today.

As it became known, last Saturday, in the late afternoon, they escaped from the Alberto Delgado school, in the provincial capital, enabled to house classifieds to have contacts with possible carriers of the disease.

When complying with the health protocol, doctors and nurses noticed the absence of the patients, reporting to the relevant authorities that in less than 24 hours they were able to locate and arrest them.

The Defense Council, health authorities, the National Revolutionary Police and the Attorney General of the Republic participated in this action.

The chief prosecutor of the Espirituano municipality, Anamaris Conde, confirmed that these people were detected in their homes, being sent back to the center where they were serving the term of isolation provided by the health authorities.

He explained that evading sanitary provisions in times of an epidemic is a crime, as contemplated in Chapter 5 of the current Penal Code, which establishes crimes against Public Health and the crime of spreading an epidemic.

He commented that the criminal complaint was formulated by the empowered authorities and they were instructed on charges for the facts. The process is open, beginning a deployment of police and criminal investigations to demonstrate the illicit of the referent.

Regarding this fact, the prosecutor indicated, failing to comply with the sanitary measures in the days of the Covid-19 is more than irresponsibility, it is putting at risk not only the health of six people – who should not be exposed more – but of all.

The criminal process is not going to be the solution to the pandemic that the world and our municipality is experiencing, he argued, the most important thing is prevention, social action, citizen trust, isolation and that everyone do what they have to do .

The Attorney General of the Republic, added, in accompanying the authorities in the battle for the lives of Cubans, will act in correspondence with each case and, if necessary, the weight of the law will fall on the violators of the rule. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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