Machado Ventura tours strategic agricultural projects in Pinar del Río

Machado Ventura tours strategic agricultural projects in Pinar del Río

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On a visit to this western province, to learn about a new line being launched by the Tabacuba state enterprise group to increase exports, Second Party Secretary José Ramón Machado Ventura insisted, “They have taken seeds to other countries; they have taken growers; they’ve planted, but the result is not the same. When you’re talking about tobacco, no one denies that Cuba’s is the best in the world.”

Photo: Ronald Suárez Rivas/
Photo: Ronald Suárez Rivas/

In one of the five new processing centers in the province, preparing fragmented raw tobacco for export, used primarily to manufacture cigarettes, he asked about the handling of this valuable raw material that in 2019 is projected to contribute some 8.5 million dollars to the economy.

He interacted with workers and managers here, and at the Palacios agro-industrial combine focused primarily on rice, which has added charcoal for export to its productions. Machado likewise praised efforts at Luis Alberto Rivero’s farm in Consolación del Sur, where the land is put to maximum use, saying, “This is how it should be.” (Taken from

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