Over 14 Speakers Worldwide Participate in Design Congress

Over 14 Speakers Worldwide Participate in Design Congress

More than 14 renowned speakers worldwide will speak about the impact, culture, sustainability, history and design training, on occasion of the 10th International Design Congress in Havana, FORMA 2019, which began in Havana on Tuesday. The event will be held at Havana’s Conference Center until June 7, with plenary sessions, panels, symposiums, workshops, book launchings, advertising exhibitions, coinciding with the 2nd Havana Design Biennial.
According to Cuban professor Sergio Peña, Director of the Higher Institute of Design, the Congress is the opportunity to listen to opinions and apprehend what specialists worldwide currently do.

This academic space complements the rest of the Biennial’s proposals and also responds to a request from the panelists who wanted to have a moment to present their work and generate exchange, Peña said.

The event also includes a forum on inclusion in which content related to gender design, its environmental dimension and its use as a tool for the progress of society and human being will be addressed.

Participants in the event will reflect on the need to project the future of design from the present and direct it towards the construction of a diverse and sustainable society. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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