U.S. blockade hinders Cooperation with Cuba on Geology, says expert

U.S. blockade hinders Cooperation with Cuba on Geology, says expert

The U.S. blockade of Cuba limits cooperation in the branches of geology, said PhD Robbie Rice Gries, President of the American Geological Society and Priority Oil & Gas.

Photo: Cuban News Agency
Photo: Cuban News Agency

Certainly these measures restrict the possibilities of collaborating with Cuban scientists in all branches of Geology, declared exclusively to the Cuban News Agency Rice Gries, one of the personalities invited to the VIII Convention of Earth Sciences.

He regretted the fact because his organization covers Mineralogy, Seismology (study of earthquakes), Geophysics (physical phenomena to which the Earth is subject), Vulcanology (specialized in volcanoes and magmatism), Tectonics (focused on tectonic plates) and Geomorphology (forms adopted by the terrestrial relief), among others.

However, he clarified that he will continue his visits to Havana because there is a “pending dream” of contributing in the coming years to the strengthening of mutual bonds.

He recalled that five years ago he undertook a tourist trip to the Cuban capital and during these days he spent some time touring the Historic Center of Old Havana and its System of Colonial Fortifications, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982.

In the presence of more than 900 professionals, technicians and directors from 26 countries, the VIII Convention of Earth Sciences will meet until next Friday at the Convention Palace in Havana. (Taken from Cuban News Agency)

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