Cuba Promotes 2019 FITCUBA Tourism Fair in France

Cuba Promotes 2019 FITCUBA Tourism Fair in France

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Cuba is promoting in France its International Tourism Fair, FITCUBA 2019, which will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Havana.

Janet Ayala, communication director at the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, broke the news to Prensa Latina.

Ayala heads the Cuban delegation that is participating in the World Tourism Fair in Paris.

The specialist explained that this year, the Ministry of Tourism is commemorating the anniversary of Havana with many investments to restore and remodel buildings, as well as opening new facilities.

‘We are going to have 12 new hotels in Havana, important extra-hotel establishments are being restored, and the peak of the celebration will be FITCUBA, at which the renewed product of the capital of all Cubans will be presented,’ she explained.

The official said that the Paris Fair is an excellent opportunity to promote the Cuban event, and in general, the many attractions and new features of the tourism industry in Cuba.

Cuban authorties consider that the French tourist market has a high potential, and ‘it is one of those that can help us receive five million holidaymakers this year,’ she went on to say.

Cuba is one of the participants in the Paris World Tourism Fair, which began on Thursday and will run until Sunday.

About 400 national and international exhibitors are attending the fair, at which the new features of the sector are presented prior to the upcoming summer season. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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