Cuba, 500th Hearing Cochlear Implant is Done

Cuba, 500th Hearing Cochlear Implant is Done

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The 500th cochlear implant in Cuba was performed at the Borrás-Marfan pediatric hospital in the capital, coinciding with the international day of this medical procedure, informed the Ministry of Public Health.

In Twitter, the Cuban institution expressed this achievement of the health system also responds to the celebration of World Hearing Day, next March 3, and coincides with this year’s celebrations of the 500th anniversary of this capital.

The cochlear implant is a high-tech product, with a device that transforms acoustic signals into electrical signals to stimulate the auditory nerve.

This February 25 was marked the International Day of the Cochlear Implant, an event that commemorates the implementation 62 years ago of the first device which enables hearing around the world to more than 325 thousand people suffering profound bilateral neurosensorial deafness.

In Cuba, the cochlear implant program began in 1998 and after more than two decades in operation, has benefited hundreds of people who were born deaf or with impaired hearing, most of them children. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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