Venezuelan Aeropostal Airline Resumes Operations to Cuba

Venezuelan Aeropostal Airline Resumes Operations to Cuba

Venezuelan Aeropostal airline resumed its commercial operations with the opening flight of the Caracas-Havana route, after one year out of service.
‘Aeropostal crosses the Venezuelan air space and goes much further, we hope that (…) in a strategic development plan we can reach the end of 2018 with a growth that triples the current operational capacity,’ the company’s president Eduardo Legaspi posted on Twitter.

The Ministry of Transportation posted on its Twitter account that the reopening of the airline’s commercial operations from the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia to the Cuban capital is part of the strengthening of the sector.

The reactivation of Aeropostal responds to a strategic plan designed by the Bolivarian Government to relaunch the national and international transportation system, Minister Hipolito Abreu said, quoted on the company’s Twitter account.

The company plans to gradually add new resources to the fleet in the following months, and for the time being it will operate three weekly charter flights on the Caracas-Havana route, the website of the Vice Presidency of the Republic posted. (Taken from Prensa Latina)

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