Delegates of 20 Countries Attend Meeting of Cuban Residents in Europe

Delegates of 20 Countries Attend Meeting of Cuban Residents in Europe

Delegates from about 20 countries will participate in the 20th meeting of Cuban residents in Europe, which will take place in Milan, Italy, this weekend.

According to preliminary data, the most numerous representation will be Italy with 51 members, followed by Denmark with 17, Spain 16, France 11, Ukraine 6, Switzerland 5, Sweden 4, Ireland 4, Germany 4 and the Republic Czech 3.

Turkey, Belgium, Greece, Great Britain, Portugal, Slovakia, Holland, Iceland, Latvia and Poland, will also attend the event.

Ada Galano, president of the National Coordination of Associations of Cuban Residents in Italy (CONACI), leads the organization. She is immersed in the intense activities generated for the preparations for the meeting, in which about 200 people between delegates and guests are expected to participate.

Amid the many efforts she has made to ensure the success of the regional conclave in all aspects, the former member of FEU comparsa, who has been living since 1989 in Italy, where her 17-year-old daughter was born, finds some few minutes to talk with Prensa Latina.

With a long history in the tasks of solidarity with her country, this woman talked about the event which will, once again, pronounce in favor of lifting the U.S. blockade and called for the return of the territory illegally occupied by the Naval Base in Guantanamo.

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