Raul Castro sends floral wreath to pay homage to Jose Marti

Raul Castro sends floral wreath to pay homage to Jose Marti

Cuban President Raul Castro sent a floral wreath to be laid at the Jose Marti Mausoleum in Santiago de Cuba to pay homage to the Cuban National Hero on the anniversary of his death in combat.

A special guard of honor ceremony, along a political-ceremony activity, was held at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery with the presence of students of the Revolutionary Army Forces Medical School, to mark the 122 anniversary of Marti’s death.

The president of the University of Havana’s Student Federation, Raul Alejandro Palmero, leading a delegation from that higher studies center, said it was an honor to pay tribute there to two spiritual fathers: Marti and Fidel Castro, whose ashes are interred also at that cemetery.

Meanwhile. Gabriel Blanco , member of the Communist Party politburo in that Eastern Cuban province said that on May 19, 1895, the falling in combat of Marti marked the birth of a symbol for what he has meant for Cuba as a fighter, a politician, a poet and a journalist. (Taken from Cuban News Agency)

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