National Assembly Of People’s Power: Permanent Commissions of the National Assembly continue debates

National Assembly Of People’s Power: Permanent Commissions of the National Assembly continue debates

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This Tuesday, July 5, deputies of the National Assembly of People’s Power will continue their debates on a variety of important issues, including the country’s economic development.

Photo: Jorge Luis González
Photo: Jorge Luis González


Yesterday, July 4, deputies expressed their support for the updated Economic and Social Policy Guidelines, approved during the 7th Party Congress, and were informed of a series of issues going forwards.

Marino Murillo Jorge, member of the Party Political Bureau and a vice president of the Council of Ministers, speaking during the session of the Economic Affairs Commission, noted that the second half of the year will see the implementation of a series of measures in line with economic constraints.

However, he stressed that vital public services, internal monetary equilibrium, as well as measures designed to increase the purchasing power of the Cuban peso and the investment program for the future development of the island, will be maintained.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance and Prices, reporting on the close of accounts for 2015, noted that 90% of revenue was generated by socialist state enterprises, ratifying their importance as an essential element in the development of Cuban society.

Thorough and critical analysis characterized the report presented to deputies by the Comptroller General of the Republic during the session of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commission.

Legislators were also informed that the Cuban delegation to the Río Olympic Games so far boasts a total of 110 athletes in 17 sports, a figure that could rise following further qualifications to more than 120 athletes and 18 sports, including swimming. (Taken from

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