Cuba: A Marvelous Country

Cuba: A Marvelous Country

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Lucia M Keever, Presidente de UNISON, Irlanda. Foto: René Pérez Massola
Lucia M Keever, Presidente de UNISON, Irlanda.
Foto: René Pérez Massola

Lucia Mac Keever is the president of Unison, the Union of Public Services in North Ireland a constituent territory of the United Kingdom (UK).

Her organization has 1.3 million members. “We represent people that belong to the branches of health, education and social workers. The 80 percent of them are women workers with high professional qualification.”

They actively participated in the freedom of the Cuban Five Heroes. They were also involved in the plan to take the relatives of the Cuban Five to London to deliver conferences as a way to denounce the case.

It is the first time I come to Cuba, but “I belong, for 20 years, to the association of friendship with Cuba,” she happily said when telling about all the places she has visited and the meetings held in her stay in Havana to participate in the celebrations of the International Workers’ Day.

“I am impressed with the Cuban people and I see lots of similarities with ours, which had won great obstacles and conflicts. We are proud to be what we are, a great nation without so many resources like Great Britain, but we have done a lot with the few we have although we have to improve.

“I am convinced the blockade will be lifted, I believe from the bottom of my heart that the Cuban people deserves a better way of life, without stopping defending its identity. The Cuban dignity cannot be compared, it is something is born from its own nature.”

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