Antonio Guerrero Pays Tribute to Che Guevara

Antonio Guerrero Pays Tribute to Che Guevara

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Emocionado colocó flores en el nicho del Che. Foto: Lourdes Rey Veitia
Photos: Lourdes Rey Veitia


One of the Cuban Five Heroes, Antonio Guerrero, pays tribute to Che Guevara in Santa Clara Memorial. A deep silence flooded the Memorial where the remains of Che Guevara and members of his guerrilla in Bolivia are buried in Santa Clara, central Cuban province.

Tony, as he is called, stood in front of his tomb and fall in silence while he laid a wreath of flowers on behalf of the Cuban Five Heroes antiterrorist fighters already freed, as the best tribute of the greatest of the Quixotes.

The naughty happiness that has accompanied him since he arrived to Cuba changed into the deepest respect and admiration to whom is his actions’ paradigm.

In a voice choked with emotion he said: “I have lived great emotions since I arrived to the Homeland, and this had broken all the records. Che has always been with us. When we were in difficult situations they imposed to break our iron will our first thought was Che Guevara.

“It is a great honor to be here with the greatest of the revolutionary fighters, lay a wreath of flowers, feel his presence, be close to whom believed on the new man. You feel committed to keep on contributing to develop the country.”

Tony and his relatives, together with Liza Corzo, first secretary of the Communist Party in this territory and Jorgelina Pestana, president of the government also visited the museum where there are objects, documents and photos from to Che Guevara. They were also at the Mausoleum Square Las Villas’ Front.

People from every corner of the world there spontaneously gathered when they recognized him. Among them a group of Americans and he talked to them on the universal legacy of Che Guevara as well as with a group from Venezuela. He encouraged them to consolidate union and support the Bolivarian Revolution.

Antonio Guerrero was invited by the Cuban National Union of Architects and Engineers (UNAICC) to participate in the celebration of the Cuban Engineers’ Day which was held in the Sculptural Monument Facilities.

He thanked his colleagues for those exceptional moments of joy and he reminded the days of Santiago de Cuba’s constructions of the airport when he worked as civil engineer.

In the ceremony, the national prizes on the specialty were awarded. Likewise, the UNAICC handed in an honor diploma to Antonio Guerrero and Che Guevara’s statuette to the provincial staff in Villa Clara.


Tony observó documentos, cartas y fotos en el Museo. Foto: Lourdes Rey Veitia

Junto al arquitecto Jorge Cao, proyectista del Conjunto Escultórico, y Mayra Romero, directora de la institución, elogió la belleza del lugar. Foto: Lourdes Rey Veitia

Conversó a la entrada del Memorial con el público que visitaba la institución. Foto: Lourdes Rey Veitia

Foto: Lourdes Rey Veitia

Foto: Lourdes Rey Veitia
Foto: Lourdes Rey Veitia

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