Cuba Readies for the New Academic Course

Cuba Readies for the New Academic Course

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photo: Rene Perez Massola

“The new academic course 2014-2015 will start on September 1 with the necessary conditions as our society, parents and students deserve”, is the call made by the minister of Education, Ena Elsa Velazquez in a report to the media.

She said this academic course will be ready when details like the school materials and life are in the hands of the students and asserted the situation is superior this year compared to the previous course.

She noted the teachers are already working in their schools and highlighted they just enjoyed 15 days for vacations because they had to repair the schools during students’ vacations. They also distributed the reparation materials to fix the informatics and television equipments.

She insisted that the provincial and municipal directions should control and observe the regulations in situ all referred to the labor force, the assignment of the school materials and the life conditions of the boarder students.

This week- after a round all over Cuba- the minister will work together with the Province of Education from Havana, and help recommend on the issue related to school schedule.

In respect to the family role, she insisted on the importance to keep on strengthening the links with the school and teachers, to continue with the responsibility we all have in the education of the sons and daughters.

During the press conference, we also knew that in 11 provinces, the registration in the nurseries increased to 3, 000 new capacities.

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