Cuba Needs a Better Trained Union

Cuba Needs a Better Trained Union

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A better trained and with knowledge union can have the appropriate performance in Cuba today, Salvador Valdes mesa, member of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party and deputy minister of the Councils of State said in Matanzas province, in his address to the assembly where they analyzed the draft Base Document of the 20th Congress of the Cuban workers Federation (CTC) in Aguas Varadero entity.

“The union movement has its leadership affected, in an extent, its authority, its recognition. Unions can neither be the amplifiers nor the assistants of the administrations. Their roll is to organize the workers, to contribute in their integral formation. They are different functions,” Valdes noted.

Men and women working in this aqueduct have good results in their service due to the job carried out by the base organization that mobilizes its unionists to fulfill their tasks with the support of the administration.

However, this entity is excluded from those enterprises under the improving system, because they are an International Economic Association (IEA). This condition does not allow them the payment according to the increases of productivity and the indicators of efficiency. This is something that must change, Eneida Garcia expressed.

Valdes Mesa explained about the possibilities some enterprises already have in that aspect, and added that all of them should have equal conditions, referring to the IEA, provided they satisfy the established principles. “We are going to debate these topics in Congress, Valdes informed.”

Hermes Rafael Rodri­guez, was unanimous elected secretary of the union and was also appointed pre candidate to the 20th Congress of the CTC, the great event of the Cuban workers to be held on February, 2014.

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