More than 2,000,000 Tourists. Do You Want More?

More than 2,000,000 Tourists. Do You Want More?

En los últimos años Varadero ha llegado a la cifra de un millón de visitantes foráneos. Foto: Noryis.


When it is just about to start the Cuban highest tourist season, the island expects to take advantage to make good use of the last months of this year to exceed the 2,144,632 visitors received until September, 2013.

Data received from the National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI) reported that in the last five years, from January to September, this is the second period of higher reception, only exceeded by the year before, when Cuba registered the highest figure of 2,170,242.

In 2011 was the first time we reached the 2,000,000 in a period of five years. They were 2,063,790 exactly, while the lowest figures were in 2010 and 2009 what reassert a steady increase of tourists to Cuba.

Canada is still the first with the greatest quantity, followed in order by United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina and Italy. However, we have seen a growing increase of arrivals coming from Russia and Brazil, areas Cuba gives special attention, and even, the International Tourist Fair 2013 was devoted to Brazil.

Although ONEI did not publish the arrivals for spare time, it is believed the importance that Varadero is among the destinies having the greatest influx, because it is the most beautiful beach, where about a million foreign visitors have arrived in the last years.

The famed Blue Beach, of about 22 KM long of the beautiful sea contributes with the 44 percent of the incomes in currency to the country, representing the 39 percent of the rooms available in Cuba.

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  1. Es importante que los cubanos continuar construir tu pais y edcuar a los huespedes en el pais de la historia de la revolucion cubana que hoy esta continuando desorrollar en formas y caminos diferentes de 1959, etc Jose Grogan/Bolton, Ontario

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