Health Workers for Excellent Medical Services

Health Workers for Excellent Medical Services


Workers from the technical college 27 de Noviembre from the Medical Sciences University, in Matanzas manifested their conviction that only with well trained graduates they would contribute to the right of the Cuban population for excellent medical services.

The goal depends on the quality of the teaching-educative process in the system of Cuban medical colleges, said Maritza Betancourt, director of the studies house in her speech addressed to the assembly debating the Draft Law of the XX Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC)’s Base Document. The Congress will be held by the end of February 2014.

This union passed the Base Document, after they got aware of what they should keep on doing to improve its performance with the fulfillment of the social task they have with their entity.

Some of the members proposed to improve the work of the union, like how many times the union should meet and that the topics to debate should be selected by the leaders according to the characteristics of the center. Although the majority agreed on the importance of those meetings, so they can share responsibility between the administration and the union.

Gilberto Pujol and Raiza Lopez praised the training of the leaders on the base, just where the workers are. “If there is no training we will not be able to represent our workers.” They also talked about the flexibilization of labor to those leaders in need for training.

They claimed too for some stimulation, and to study new wage systems that will individually recognize the worker.

At the end of the assembly, Isdalis Rodriguez Rodri­guez, secretary general of the CTC Provincial Committee in Matanzas pondered the contribution of the health workers in this area and made a call to the union to be conscious of the role they play in the updating of the Cuban economic model.

In 27 de Noviembre technical college there are young technicians from 21 countries and most of them are members of the Federation of University Students (FEU). They are also members of the solidarity committee for the release of the Cuban Five unjustly held in the United States for fighting terrorism and a Department that claims for their freedom too.

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