University Course for Elderly People Starts

University Course for Elderly People Starts

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Photo: Jose Raul Rodriguez Robleda
Photo: Jose Raul Rodriguez Robleda

On October 1, dozens of adults will walk up the stairs of the University of Havana to inaugurate the Course for Elderly People for a better way of life.

According to a report from a department from the UH, the University for Elderly People teaches a basic course for a year on human development, health, culture and social security.

This is not considered a university career but an updating cultural-scientific and technical program. Once the students graduate, they can keep on registered on other courses to give continuity and deepening.

Cuba has about 562 classrooms or universities for elderly people, where 85,312 students have graduated.

The Department for Elderly People (CUAM) from the UH is considered national reference and it has 55 classrooms or universities that had graduated for a better way of life, 14,398 students from Havana. These kinds of programs are held in different countries and are linked to high education.

Our country has this free program at a national level, where all interested people can register and study during this age. The CUAM from the UH has classrooms in all the municipalities of the Cuban capital.

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