Marti’s Club for the Release of the Cuban Five

Marti’s Club for the Release of the Cuban Five

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Photos: Rene Perez Massola
Photos: Rene Perez Massola

Text and photos: Rene Perez Massola

Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert, Hero of the Cuban Republic, Armando Hart Davalos, director of the Marti Program Office and Yusuan Palacio, president of the Movimiento Juvenil Martiano (Marti’s Youth Movement) among other personalities found a Marti Club for the release of the Cuban Five in September at Marti’s Forge in Havana.

During the foundation they agreed to appoint Fernando, Ramon, Antonio and Gerardo Honorable Members and Rene Gonzalez as Honor President. Wilmer Rodriguez and Tomas Valdes were selected as president and executive secretary.

The club will support the struggle for the Cuban Five release with its Marti’s activities, said Armando Hart. It will make other peoples of the world, specially the American people; join the activities of the club.

Rene Gonzalez addressed the audience and made a reflection from his own view point, of the hatred that all along the Cuban history has aroused in the government of the United States the determination of the Cuban people. He also noted the role of the new generation who will be responsible to give continuity to the Revolution and should continue facing that hatred which they will keep on using to try to break our iron will.

Afterwards, they held Generation Chats on the cause of the Cuban Five, where actors like Hector Rodriguez Llompart, combatant of the clandestine struggle and Manuel David Orrio, former security agent addressed the audience and agreed with Rene on the subversive ways traditionally used by the enemies of the Revolution and their strategy to sow confusion on the revolutionaries, especially the young people.

Daina Rodriguez, a Philology student said the new generations are fully identified with the Cuban Five as the pioneer Cesar David also said.

Those who participated in this event coincide on the need to multiply the struggle for the liberation of the Cuban Five like it was done on the 15th anniversary of the imprisonment of the Cuban antiterrorist fighters, spreading creativity of the whole people to claim justice.

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