Cuba: Prevention and Fight against Crime

Cuba: Prevention and Fight against Crime

En la apertura del evento, en la sede de la Contraloría General de la República (CGR), Gladys Bejerano, miembro del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba, vicepresidenta del Consejo de Estado y máxima dirigente de ese organismo, resaltó el combate que libra el país contra este flagelo

Cuba presents experiences at the VIII International Course of Tools for Control and Prevention in the Fight against Crime. The event started in Havana on Monday, with the participation of supervision entities from nine countries.

At the opining of the event, which was held at the venue of the General Comptroller’s Office of the Republic (CGR), Gladys Bejerano, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, deputy president of the Council of State and the top leader of this entity addressed the audience and stressed the fight carried out by the country against this flagellum, one of the main enemies of the Revolution.

The General Comptroller deepened on the control work of legality and correction of the public charges.

She noted that the illegalities, the social indiscipline and the lost of values are the primary cause of the crime activities, so we should deepen more in the eradication of those aspects.

The economic battle is today our main revolutionary activity, so it is needed to have efficiency in our entities and enterprises, the leader stressed.

 Bejerano invited the participants to share their experiences during the course, which is annually organized by the CGR and the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Top Supervision Entities.

The event will last until next Friday and it has the attendance of Gabriel Herbas Camacho, General Comptroller of the Pluri-national State of Bolivia among other personalities.

The program includes conferences on the strengthening of the Audits’ National System, visits to workplaces and to a Popular Council to know the experiences on the fight against illegalities.

At the end, there will be a meeting with representatives of the Cuban civil society.

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