Hotel and Tourism: More Incomes with Efficiency

Hotel and Tourism: More Incomes with Efficiency

Víctor Lemagne. Foto: Heriberto González Brito.
Víctor Lemagne. Foto: Heriberto González Brito.

Hotel and Tourism National Union (SNTHT) calls for special efforts to finish 2013 with better initiatives and improve Cuban tourism. The main goals are to get more incomes, decrease costs and fulfil the economic plans.

The general secretary of the union, Victor Lemagne Sanchez, said in an interview to the newspaper that every working staffs will carry out the necessary measures for this purpose. “It is not only to get more incomes, but also better levels of efficiency with quality that will show the hospitality of our people,” he noted.

Another key element was the design of new products to make tourism, promote destinies inside our country and guarantee articles and national traditional food with the qualitative and quantitative requirements to help decrease costs and expenses in currency.

He also highlighted the promotion of national tourism with new offers that help its increase as one of the main markets for a greater progress of the hotels’ capacities.

Lemagne informed that from October 1 to November 15 the unions will have their meetings to analyze the fulfilment of the economic plans, debate the indicators foreseen for 2014, the fight against crime, internal control, the emulation, working conditions and the situation of the charges and payments.

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